I enjoyed Elane O’Rourke’s New Year’s Day post: on the premise that whatever one does on New Year’s Day one will do all year. It is fun, reflective, and disarmingly honest … about her reactions to the events of the year and about the status of her relationship with the Big G(al/uy)!

Here’s an excerpt:

Last night, my wonderful husband also asked: so how is your relationship with God these days? And I was able to answer, confidently: peachy. God and I are doing really well, like comfortable old friends who occupy a room together, occasionally chatting, doing things together and apart. When I feel distant, I know it’s just me — that I need to pick up the phone and call.

Wow! Peachy? Wouldn’t it be great to have such a sense of freedom and assurance and trust about your relationship with the living God? I pray that it may be so, that the bonds between God and you in this new year will be just peachy!

And I pray that when you feel distant, as you will, you will recognize it is just you, and you will “pick up the phone …”

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