nrdc update: 37 wolves killed

nrdc update: 37 wolves killed

Two wolvesAn update from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on what has happened since protections for wolves were lifted in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana …

The government-sanctioned massacre of wolves is now under way.

A mere 30 days after the Bush Administration stripped Yellowstone’s wolves of their Endangered Species protection, the Northern Rockies have been turned into a killing field.

Thirty-seven wolves are already dead. Hundreds more are being targeted by Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, which have waited years for this chance to put their plans for extermination into action.

But today there is reason for hope: America’s best wildlife legal team is riding to the rescue.

Our partner organization, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) — and 11 other groups — filed suit this week in federal court to stop the killing and restore the wolf’s desperately needed Endangered Species protection.

The court action comes not a moment too soon. Eyewitness reports of the latest wolf-killing rampage have been heartbreaking to people all over the world who care about wildlife.

On the very day that these wolves lost their Endangered Species protection, a crippled wolf named “Limpy,” one of the most photographed wolves in Yellowstone’s famous Druid Peak pack, was shot to death when he ventured outside the park.

Another wolf was stalked for over 35 miles by snowmobile before being overtaken and shot. Another was found dead on the side of the highway, his still-warm body torn apart by bullets.

And, tragically, at least four female wolves have been killed just prior to the denning season, which could doom some of the region’s wolf pups.

Wolves simply cannot outrun these relentless attacks. Their last, best hope now rests with the life-saving reprieve that NRDC is seeking in federal court.

You can learn more about the threats to the gray wolves in my earlier post, putting the wolf in danger. You can take action to ban wolf poisons here.

2 thoughts on “nrdc update: 37 wolves killed

  1. I find it very interesting while checking out this blog that the dealth of wolves be mentioned but nothing about the millions of babies being aborted anually. I find the situation very similar. The wolves are unwanted by the land owners whos property they inhabit. The unborn baby is unwanted by the mother whos whomb they inhabit. The UCC has taken a very clear stance in the past few years that an abortion is a womens choice. So why isn’t the killing of wolves the land owners choice. I think I may understand people are plentiful but wolves are indangered. Makes a lot of sense!! If you and your church would but half the time into saving babies as you do saving animals the world would be a different place.


  2. @ John: “If you and your church would but half the time into saving babies as you do saving animals the world would be a different place.”

    You’re right, there would be 12 billion people on this planet and no animals left. We’d have used up all the resources by now and the wilderness would have been long reduced to the concrete jungle of shopping malls.

    The wolves need protecting because they are so rare… are humans so rare? or even worth saving?? HELL NO. I say good riddance and step up the abortion rate! Over half the human population is a waste of space anyway.

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