crazy horse

crazy horse

Crazy Horse, book coverI finished this book during our summer vacation in Maine … and left it with my mother who wanted to read it too!

It is a classic and faithful retelling by Mari Sandoz of the story of Crazy Horse, the warrior who bested Custer at Little Big Horn. Her account, originally published in 1942, is based on her extensive research including interviews with many of the tale’s principal characters, people who knew Crazy Horse and had experienced the events of his life firsthand.

Her book provides a fascinating insight into the daily lives and joys and struggles and hopes of the Lakotas; a sobering exposure to the violence of the times, among the Native Americans, and between Native Americans and whites; and a depressing revelation of our own (the whites’) record on this continent, a record of greed and inhumanity and broken promises.

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  1. The greatest warrior that ever lived in my eyes and in the eyes of the Lakotas was Crazy Horse. Growing up in Oklahoma, my exposure to Native Indian influenced my love of the indigenous people of the Americas. I long idolized Quahah Parker, Kwahada Comanche Chief who had never been defeated by the white mans Army. They called the Comanche “Lords of the Plain”.

    After reading Marie Sandoz book, I fell in love with Crazy Horse, strange man of the Ogalala’s. There was such a spiritual side to the man who often went off alone often to find visions. This worried those who loved him.

    So much is said about Sitting Bull, and Red Cloud. Crazy Horse was a great warrior and strategist of his time who gathered a following and had such great influence on other warriors who found honor in fighting along side that fearless warrior. His influence was so great that his power over other warriors incited jealousy from among others, Red Cloud, who sought favor from the American Army. This in truth led to “murder” of the great warrior, Crazy Horse. Red Clouds jealousy was so intense.

    Crazy Horse loved his people and to this end he fought for their continued survival and their way of life.

    The great and mighty Souix still fight today for their traditional culture. Amoung them are AIM leaders like Dennis Banks, Russell Means, and the belated Clyde Bellacourt and his brother Vernon. John Trudell own family were burned out. His wife and two babies were all killed in a house fire. In his own words, “All I did was talk.”

    When I read about the long hours his father sat with him, watching his son die I still cry. What a loss to his people and I wonder what might have been had he lived.

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