hope for northern ireland

hope for northern ireland

Even you is the blog of Elane O’Rourke, a UCC pastor in Campbell, California. Her posts are always thoughtful, well-reasoned, well-written … and faithful to the mind and heart of Jesus. I have given her blog a permanent place on my blogroll (see sidebar).

Today Elane celebrates the formation of a Catholic/Protestant unity government in Northern Ireland in a post entitled Thanking the God of the Irish. Her response to this historic political breakthrough shows deep empathy and an appreciation of the long and painful struggle of the folk of Northern Ireland. She concludes her post this way:

I give great thanks today that, after hundreds of years of pain and sorrow, there is hope in Northern Ireland. And I give great thanks that there is hope for other post-colonial countries, including my own, and for all those we continue to colonize and fight in name of the modern nation-state.

I encourage you to read the rest of this post and to check in with Elane often!

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