is anyone else disturbed?

is anyone else disturbed?

Is anyone else disturbed that the two 500-pound bombs that took out Abu Musab al-Zarqawi also killed five other people, including a woman and a child?

Is anyone else disturbed that having positively identified the location of al-Zarqawi, we chose to target the house with two 500-pound bombs instead of attempting to apprehend him as was done with Saddam Hussein?

Is anyone else disturbed that we are rejoicing over the death of any human being?

One thought on “is anyone else disturbed?

  1. War, regardless of cause or need is never pretty. Could we have apprehended Zarqawi? Perhaps, but more than likely he would have slipped beyond our grasp like so many others have before.

    The war in Iraq goes far past the issue of religion, but I believe it is worth looking at what the people we are fighting believe. They stand under the banner of Islam but desecrate the true meaning of their own faith.

    Even some of the their most respected clerics have condemned their actions, and the concept of Jihad is not in line with the beliefs that true Muslims hold dear.

    These people kill without discretion, without thought to who may be the victims. Is it right for us to retaliate with that same mindset? No! Unfortunately wars cannot be fought within certain rules, we tried that in Vietnam with less than stellar results.

    Am I disturbed by the death of innocent people in this war? Absolutely! My question would be, who is innocent?

    I appreciate the heart from which the post comes; it is just unfortunate that the heart of those who would destroy the faith we seek to share with others does not know the same creator.

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