puppyThe latest addition to my life … not anticipated, but many of life’s greatest joys are unanticipated. He found us, or rather he was found for us by our daughter! He came home with us ten days ago, and life hasn’t been the same since! Earlier to bed, earlier to rise, always needing to be attentive to the needs of this new member of the family … and much, much love and affection in return.

It has been a long time since we have had a dog — seventeen years. The interim has been spent raising creatures of the human sort! But we are glad to have him with us now, to be able to share our lives with him, and to discover new things and new places and new experiences along with him.

The energy and exuberance and eagerness of a puppy is an unmistakable reminder of the goodness of this life. God is most generous, providing for our enjoyment, entrusting to our stewardship, a world of such wonder and beauty. Run and jump, breathe and smell, taste and see how good it is! Let’s go!

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