new ucc ad

new ucc ad

The new UCC television ad is entitled “Ejector Seat.” It is scheduled to air nationally for three weeks, beginning April 3.

Watch the ad for yourself:

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From what I had heard ahead of time, the ad sounded rather silly. But seeing it now for myself, I liked it better than I thought I would. It will make people take notice … and think.

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  1. Hmmm. I think I will have to wait a bit and watch it again. My first reaction is that it does seem kind of silly. Almost an inappropriate mix of the serious and the inane. But maybe it grows on you? Or maybe it’s designed to appeal to young people? I’m finding more and more that things that I find ridiculous are much more popular among younger folks. (And I try not to think about that too hard!)

  2. Barb is right. We have to look at it through “Generation Y eyes” and not “Baby-Boomer eyes”. They will think it’s kicking! I think it as sort of clever. But, I think pink hair, rap, and decorated water-bottles only slightly interesting too…..that shows you how much I know.

  3. I watched the ad several times to be certain I did not miss seeing any ejections.

    Sometimes small acts or quiet comments have devasting emotional impact on others and we do not realize it. I think this ad shows how our behavior can have a major impact on other’s emotional view of members of the congregation. I waited to see if the young man in the last scene would be ejected when he sat down and the couple in the pew moved away from him rather than welcome him to join them in worship.

    The images are vivid. They say to me that we must do more than permit others to worship with us. We must extend a warm hand of welcome and acceptance.

    I hope our congregation keeps these images in mind to ensure we never permit emotional ejectors in our house of worship.

  4. Well said, Jim! Genuine hospitality requires conscious effort, “going out of our way,” something more than just “being nice,” and particular sensitivity to those who are easily overlooked or even shunned.

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