Environmentalists are just a bunch of wackos …

  • They believe that every human being is entitled to breathe clean air and to drink clean water.
  • They believe that a healthy planet is essential to the welfare of all living things, including human beings.
  • They believe in leaving the world a better place for future generations.
  • They believe in the virtue of making small sacrifices now to preserve the bounty of the earth’s resources for later.
  • They want their children and their children’s children and their children’s children’s children to experience the same awe and wonder they experience in encountering the astounding variety and complexity and beauty of the natural world, of all that human beings have not made for themselves and barely understand.
  • They believe that the divine mandate to be good stewards of this earth means to take care of it, not to exploit it.
  • They believe that a horned owl or a piping plover or a topeka shiner or an eastern prairie fringed orchid have as much right to exist as they do, and that plants and animals and matter itself have value in and of themselves, not just in their usefulness to the human economy.
  • They believe in respecting life, in appreciating life, in enjoying life, in all its forms.
  • They love this earth and show that love by being zealously protective of its well-being.
New River Gorge

Just loony, isn’t it?

If it is crazy to harbor such beliefs … I pray that there may there be a worldwide epidemic of such insanity!

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